The idea is to find old games for real download (no jokes) very quickly instead of long journey with google or each website exploring.
Engine contains special automatic Indexer which independently analyzes each website and FTP for abandonware titles, extracts direct title links and updates all data when changes have been made.
The whole process takes place without need for assistance of indexed websites owners and any prepared game list.
Note that this is search engine and we take no responsibility for content of external links.
Project was found in 2003 as Independent Software and reactivated with new name as Old Games Finder in 2014.
If you know website or FTP with some rare stuff, please contact us immediately.

Feel free to contact us with anything.
You can just send us a message on Facebook.

   * WinRAR - Unpacks RAR, ZIP and other popular compression formats (free for unpack). http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
   * 7zip - Unpacks 7z files (free). http://www.7-zip.org/download.html
   * Daemon Tools Lite - Mounts CD ISO images in virtual drives (free for home use). http://www.daemon-tools.cc/products/dtLite
   * ClrMame - Manages ROM collection (free, requires database files). http://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/download.htm
   * TOSEC DataBase - Organizes ROM collection (free, requires ClrMame). http://www.tosecdev.org/downloads/category/22-datfiles

Most common codes found in file names:
   [!] Perfect copy of the game
   [U] USA and Canada
   [J] Japan
   [E] Europe
   [JUE] Japan, USA and Europe
   [V#.#] Some games were commercially sold with different versions/variations (example: V1.1)
Game modifications found in file names:
   [c] Cracked to run better on emulators or to take advantage of special features
   [f] Fixed to run better on emulators
   [h] Hacked game with modifications to sound, graphics, levels, game engine, etc
   [p] Pirate is a form of hack but they're usually sold in countries like China
   [t] Trainer contains cheats added to game
   [T-] Old Translation of game (game has been translated to another language; example: T+Eng would be to english)
   [T+] New Translation of game (game has been translated to another language; example: T+Eng would be to english)
Other codes found in file names:
   [a] Alternate version of a rom
   [b] Bad dump; game has problems
   [o] Overdump contains useless repeated data (file size is bigger than it should be)
   (Unl) Unlicensed commercial release
   (-) Unknown year
   (M#) Multiple languages; example: M4 for four languages
   (###) Checksum value
   (??k) Rom size
   ZZZ_ Unclassified
   [C] Game Boy Color enhanced or exclusive
   [S] Super Game Boy enhanced
Country codes found in file names:
   (A) Australia
   (C) China
   (E) Europe
   (F) France
   (FC) French Canadian
   (FN) Finland
   (G) Germany
   (GR) Greece
   (HK) Hong Kong
   (I) Italy
   (J) Japan
   (K) Korea
   (NL) Netherlands
   (PAL) Europe and other PAL TV regions
   (PD) Internet release for distribution
   (S) Spain
   (SW) Sweden
   (U) USA and English Canadian
   (UK) United Kingdom
   (Unk) Unknown country

   * Tools:
      * DOSBox - DOS emulator. http://www.dosbox.com/download.php?main=1
      * VirtualBox - PC virtual machine. https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
      * VMware Player - PC virtual machine. https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/free#desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_player/6_0
      * Daemon Tools Lite - Mounts CD ISO images in virtual drives (free for home use). http://www.daemon-tools.cc/products/dtLite
   * Links:
      * GOG - Excellent shop with digital versions of popular titles. Great quality - patched, configured, latest windows compatible, digital manuals, extras, no drm, no copy protection, no cd. Extremely low prices (1-10 dollars). http://www.gog.com/
      * MegaGames - Old game fixes and trainers. http://megagames.com/game-content/fixes/all/all

   * Search modes:
      * (ADF) search ADF and DMS disk images for all Amiga models.
      * (IPF) search IPF (raw, original - not cracked) disk images for all Amiga models.
      * (CD) search CD ISO images for Amiga CDTV, CD32 and other models with CD-ROM.
      * (HD) search LHA, LZX, WHDLoad and other Hard Disk stuff for all Amiga models with Hard Disks.
   * Result tags:
      * [ADF] ADF disk image.
      * [DMS] DMS disk image.
      * [EXE] executable file.
      * [HD] LHA, LZX and other Hard Disk stuff.
      * [IPF] IPF disk image (raw, original - not cracked).
      * [WHDL] WHDLoad stuff.
   * Tools:
      * WinUAE - Amiga emulator. http://www.winuae.net/frames/download.html
      * IPF plugin - Plugin for WinUAE to support IPF disk images. http://www.softpres.org/download
      * WHDLoad - HD installers and patches. http://whdload.de/
   * Links:
      * Hall Of Light - Large Amiga database. http://hol.abime.net/
      * Aminet - Amiga internet archive. http://aminet.net/

   * Search modes:
      * (2600+) search rom images for Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800.
      * (8-BIT) search rom, tape and disk images for Atari 8-bit family (800/400/130/65/XL/XE/XEGS/similar).
      * (ST+) search ST disk images and other files for Atari ST family (ST/STE/TT/Falcon/similar).
      * (LYNX/JAGUAR+) search rom and CD ISO images for Atari Lynx, Jaguar and Jaguar CD.
      * (IPF/STX) search IPF and STX (raw, original - not cracked) disk images for Atari ST.
   * Result tags:
      * [A26] rom image for Atari 2600.
      * [A52] rom image for Atari 5200.
      * [A78] rom image for Atari 7800.
      * [ATR] ATR disk image for Atari 8-bit.
      * [ATX] ATX disk image for Atari 8-bit.
      * [BAS] basic file for Atari 8-bit.
      * [BIN] rom image.
      * [CAS] tape image for Atari 8-bit.
      * [EXE] executable file for Atari 8-bit.
      * [IMG] rom image.
      * [IPF] IPF disk image (raw, original - not cracked).
      * [J64] rom image for Atari Jaguar.
      * [JAG] rom image for Atari jaguar.
      * [JCD] CD ISO image or other file for Jaguar CD.
      * [LNX] rom image for Atari Lynx.
      * [MSA] MSA disk image for Atari ST.
      * [ROM] rom image.
      * [ST] ST disk image or other file for Atari ST.
      * [STE] file for Atari STE.
      * [STF] file for Atari Falcon.
      * [STHD] Hard Disk stuff for Atari ST.
      * [STTT] file for Atari TT.
      * [STX] STX disk image (raw, original - not cracked).
      * [XEGS] image for Atari XEGS.
      * [XEX] executable file for Atari 8-bit.
   * Tools:
      * Stella - Atari 2600 emulator. http://stella.sourceforge.net/downloads.php
      * Kat5200 - Atari 5200 emulator. http://kat5200.jillybunch.com/downloads.html
      * EMU7800 - Atari 7800 emulator. http://emu7800.sourceforge.net/
      * Atari800 - Atari 8-bit emulator. http://atari800.sourceforge.net/download.html
      * Steem - Atari ST emulator. http://steem.atari.st/download.htm
      * STX plugin - Plugin for Steem to support STX disk images. http://pasti.fxatari.com/
      * Handy - Atari Lynx emulator. http://handy.sourceforge.net/download.htm
      * Virtual Jaguar - Atari Jaguar emulator. http://icculus.org/virtualjaguar/
   * Links:
      * DBUG - Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon HD installers and compatibility patches. http://dbug.kicks-ass.net/patch.php

   * Search modes:
      * (D64/T64) search D64, D71, D81 disk and T64 tape images.
      * (NIB/RAW) search NIB files, TAP tape, G64, G41 disk and CRT rom images (raw, original - not cracked).
      * (PRG) search PRG files.
   * Result tags:
      * [C64] executable file.
      * [CRT] CRT rom image.
      * [D64] D64 disk image.
      * [D71] D71 disk image.
      * [D81] D81 disk image.
      * [G41] G41 disk image (raw, original - not cracked).
      * [G64] D64 disk image (raw, original - not cracked).
      * [LNX] LNX file.
      * [NIB] NIB file (raw, original - not cracked).
      * [P00] P00 file.
      * [PRG] executable file.
      * [T64] T64 tape image.
      * [TAP] TAP tape image (raw, original - not cracked).
      * [X64] X64 file.
      * [Z64] Z64 file.
   * Tools:
      * VICE - Commodore emulator. http://vice-emu.sourceforge.net/index.html#download

   * Result tags:
      * [CPS1] Capcom Play System 1 rom.
      * [CPS2] Capcom Play System 2 rom.
      * [CPS3] Capcom Play System 3 rom.
      * [FBA] FinalBurn Alpha rom.
      * [KAW] Kawaks rom.
      * [M2E] Model 2 Emulator rom.
      * [MAME] MAME rom.
      * [MOD] Modeler rom.
      * [NAOM] Sega NAOMI rom.
      * [NEO] Neo Geo rom.
      * [SMOD] Supermodel rom.
      * [U64E] U64Emu rom.
      * [ZINC] Zinc rom.
   * Tools:
      * MAME - MAME emulator. http://www.mamedev.org/release.html
      * IV/Play - Graphic interface for MAME. http://www.mameui.info/
      * Kawaks - CPS1, CPS2, Neo Geo emulator. http://www.winkawaks.org/downloads.htm
      * FinalBurn Alpha - Arcade emulator. http://www.barryharris.me.uk/fba.php

   * Search modes:
      * (NES) search for Nintendo Entertainment System rom images.
      * (SNES) search for Super Nintendo Entertainment System rom images.
      * (VB/GB+) search for Virtual Boy and Game Boy family (Color/Advance) rom images.
      * (N64) search for Nintendo 64 rom images.
      * (GAMECUBE) search for GameCube CD ISO images.
      * (DS) search for DS images.
   * Result tags:
      * [DS] DS image.
      * [GB] Game Boy rom.
      * [GBC] Game Boy Color rom.
      * [GBA] Game Boy Advance rom.
      * [GC] GameCube CD ISO image.
      * [N64] Nintendo 64 rom.
      * [NES] Nintendo Entertainment System rom.
      * [SNES] Super Nintendo Entertainment System rom.
      * [VB] Virtual Boy rom.
   * Tools:
      * Nestopia - NES emulator. http://nestopia.sourceforge.net/downloads.html
      * ZSNES - SNES emulator. http://www.zsnes.com/index.php?page=files
      * VBjin - Virtual Boy emulator. https://code.google.com/p/vbjin/downloads/list
      * Visual Boy Advance - Game Boy family (Color/Advance) emulator. http://visualboyadvance.net/
      * Project64 - Nintendo 64 emulator. http://www.pj64-emu.com/downloads/project64/binaries/
      * Dolphin - GameCube emulator. http://www.dolphin-emulator.com/download.html
      * DeSmuME - DS emulator. http://desmume.org/download/

   * Result tags:
      * [PS2] PlayStation 2 CD ISO image.
      * [PSP] PlayStation Portable image.
      * [PSX] PlayStation Extreme CD ISO image.
   * Tools:
      * ePSXe - PlayStation Extreme emulator. http://www.epsxe.com/download.php
      * PCSX2 - PlayStation 2 emulator. http://pcsx2.net/download.html
      * PPSSPP - PlayStation Portable emulator. http://www.ppsspp.org/downloads.html

   * Search modes:
      * (SMS) search for Sega Master System rom images.
      * (GENESIS+) search for Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), 32X rom and Sega CD ISO images.
      * (GAMEGEAR) search for GameGear images.
      * (SATURN) search for Sega Saturn CD ISO images.
      * (DREAMCAST) search for DreamCast CD ISO images.
      * (GDI) search for DreamCast GD images.
   * Result tags:
      * [32X] Sega 32X rom image.
      * [DC] DreamCast CD ISO image.
      * [DCGD] DreamCast GD image.
      * [GEN] Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) rom image.
      * [GG] GameGear image.
      * [SAT] Sega Saturn CD ISO image.
      * [SCD] Sega CD ISO image.
      * [SMS] Sega Master System rom image.
   * Tools:
      * Fusion - Sega Master System, Genesis (Mega Drive), CD, 32X, GameGear emulator. http://www.carpeludum.com/kega-fusion/
      * SSF - Sega Saturn emulator. http://www.geocities.jp/mj3kj8o5/ssf/index.html
      * DEmul - DreamCast emulator. http://demul.emulation64.com/downloads/

   * MobyGames - Large game information database. http://www.mobygames.com/
   * Giant Bomb - Large games information database. http://www.giantbomb.com/
   * AllGame - Large games information database. http://www.allgame.com/
   * Emulator Zone - Emulator ranking. http://www.emulator-zone.com/
   * NFOHump - NFO files archive. http://www.nfohump.com/

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