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Cookie is a small data stored on your computer which allows website to remember some information (for example: keep your logon session, save preferred youtube player settings like sound volume, or get general visitors data for statistics by Google Analytics).
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Our Cookies.
* PHPSESSID (type: Essential) - Required for basic website functionality. Identifies visitor and keeps his logon session. Activates some additional functions like watchlist, voting or ability to post data into our system.

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Data stored inside our service database.
The only personal data stored inside our service database is your login, password, e-mail, register date and last login date.
Other data is contribution points (from voting and suggestions) and all other you post into our service (for example: artist names, song titles, suggestions, watchlist - all with submission date and user id).
Login is used to identify data creator and is visible to the public.
Password is used only inside system and stored as hash code (this means we dont know your password, but only its mark).
E-mail is not visible to the public and is used as alternative way to contact with user.
All other data you post into our service, might be visible to the public.

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